Friday, June 15, 2012

Broth Balls a.k.a.Meat Jello

Broth balls: my new creation deserving of its own special name. Although composed entirely of meat, they are pretty different from the meatballs that I normally make:

Juliana still eats mostly pureed food. She needs to practice her feeding skills but she has a very nervous mommy. These broth balls are really perfect for a baby learning to chew. They will slowly dissolve to mush in the mouth. Basically they are like the real food version of Gerber dissolving cereal puffs.

The secret to broth balls is getting the right amount of liquid in with your meat. I boil a pound of frozen meat in two cups of water. By the time the meat is cooked there is about a cup and a half of water leftover (but now it's meat stock - don't throw it out!). I puree all of this in the Vitamix. Let it chill in the refrigerator, and voila! You may find that you need to adjust the amount of water based on fresh vs. frozen meat. Your finished mixture should be quite liquidy before going into the refrigerator. If it doesn't gel after refrigeration you can add in some gelatin.

Note that these must be served cold or at room temperature. If they are heated they will melt and turn to mush.


  1. ahhhh you have perfected it! I do all the steps except for putting it through the vitamix! And Ellie has a hard time with the texture. I am so excited to do this! (ok not to have more vitamix time but to try this way of meatballs)

  2. Cool. I SO need to try this, Levi HATES meatballs!! Thanks :)