Saturday, November 19, 2011

Physical Therapy

About a month or so I began to suspect that OT wasn't cutting it for Juliana. Either she wasn't getting enough therapy or she wasn't getting the right kind of therapy. The neurologist had told me that I could expect her to begin to sit up around 8 months old. Honestly I think she pulled this age out of a hat while I was in the waiting room, but it's a statement that has stuck to me and I began to get nervous as time went on. Juliana was no where near sitting up. I decided to get a second opinion from a PT.

Our evaluation was two weeks ago and as expected, it was pretty depressing. Juliana scored at a 4 month level in two areas and only a 1 month level in a third area. The 1 month score was harshly low but had to be scored that way due to lingering torticollis. But I liked the PT, I liked the facility, and I liked that I was already learning some new ways to help Juliana.

We had out first real PT appointment yesterday and it went really well. Juliana was in a great mood and she warmed up to the therapist immediately. Baby J cooperated for the whole session - I am crossing my fingers that she will always do so well in a fun new environment vs. our boring living room where we usually meet with our OT.

I learned some great new things that will hopefully be easy to implement into our daily life: joint compressions to wake up her sleepy joints, arm strengthening exercise so that someday she will be able to prop sit, and how to get her to do a baby sit-up. These are all things that are new to me and I'm a disappointed that the OT (who surely must know this stuff) did not show them to me earlier. I am not sure if we have a dud OT.

So I feel like we have lost a bit of time but we're now on the right track. We're getting PT at least one time a week or two times a week if it works for everyone's schedule. I am trying to squeeze in a lot of appointments before the end of the year while I still have awesome insurance.

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