Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Osteopath

Yesterday we saw an osteopath. What's an osteopath, you ask? I had no idea either. I guess you could say that an osteopath is like a holistic MD. They receive the same training as medical doctors but with more emphasis on "hands-on techniques to restore normal functioning". They believe that the body has abilities to heal itself:
In Osteopathy, the structure (anatomy) of the body and the function (physiology) of the body are interdependent. The Osteopathic physician works to remove any "roadblocks" to function and allow the body to show how it can heal itself. Examples of "roadblocks" are blockages in the flow of blood, fluids, nerve messages, tissue, energetic pathways, etc.
This is something that I wanted to try because Juliana undeniably has some sort of "roadblock" particularly when it comes to her low muscle tone and developmental delays. I respect modern medicine (allopathy) very much as it has literally saved Juliana's life on several occasions. However it's not getting us much further than that. As of this date, Juliana does not even have any sort of diagnosis for her health issues. I want to do all that I can to help her and even if we manage to shove a roadblock only a little bit out of the way - that would be a very good thing indeed.

I expected our visit to be some sort of hybrid of a chiropractic adjustment and a consult with an MD. Ultimately it was more like the chiropractor than the MD. I'll be the first to admit that it seemed a little goofy. However I can tell you that in the middle of the session Juliana went from crying to sleeping. She never falls asleep that easily or quickly so I am sure that something was going on. (I was curious if this would happen since Ellie just experienced something similar with a physiologist.) 

We'll go back again in a few weeks. Unlike chiropractors, osteopaths don't want to see you over and over again. You go a few times and then you're supposed to be fixed up and that's that. So the worst case scenario, I've wasted my time and money. But if he was able to move one roadblock just a tiny little bit... then it was worth it. 

One last note... if you want to see an osteopath, ask around for recommendations. Many are more like MDs and less "alternative" (for lack of a better word). Our osteopath came with a recommendation from a Weston A. Price chapter leader.

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