Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MRI results

I waited anxiously by the phone all day Wednesday. The neurologist called late in the day and of course I missed the call. But she left me a message and it's always good news when results are left on your voicemail: the brain MRI was normal. She also had the results from the MRI of the spine but she wanted to discuss those with me. This was not a surprise because based on the spinal ultrasound we knew that the MRI would be abnormal.

It did surprise me a bit that her brain MRI came back normal. I had three people wanting the results of the brain MRI: the opthamologist, the orthopedist, and of course the neurologist. *Something* causes her hypotonia and that something could easily be in the brain. But apparently, it's not. The neurologist encouraged me to take this as "good news" and I do, but I am still apprehensive. The brain MRI does not tell us how well her brain works. It does not tell us why she has hypotonia. It does not tell us what else could be lurking around the corner. Genetics may give us more answers to these questions.

On Friday I was able to talk to the neurosurgeon's nurse and get the full results of the spinal MRI. She has a syrinx and some fatty tissue at the base of the spine. However he doesn't want to do anything about it - he doesn't even want to see her for a follow up appointment. They are only interested in seeing her if she develops scoliosis or if she begins to have trouble moving her legs or having bowel movements. They want us to follow up with the orthopedist which we were already doing.

So overall, the MRI results were as good as they could be. I am thankful for that bit of peace but still very concerned about all the other health issues. 

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