Friday, October 28, 2011

The Best Advice

When I told my spiritual father that I was worried about Juliana's future, he gave me some advice that has drastically impacted my outlook on life. He advised that instead of thinking and worrying about what may happen in one, five, ten years, instead I should keep my time perspective focused either on the present moment or on eternity. The eternal perspective is preferable, he told me, but it is hard to stay in the eternal mindset all of the time.

For the most part I've become pretty good at implementing this advice and it really has been liberating. I wish I could say that I no longer worry - of course, I do. But I am certain that I don't worry as much as I would otherwise. When I find myself thinking too often about what lies ahead, I shift my focus to eternity. After recharging there for a bit I can come back to the present moment.

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