Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where we are Today

Where to begin the story of our long and arduous journey? At a later point I will try to address Juliana's NICU stay, the second month of her life where she was constantly in pain, the many specialist visits, the g tube, the process of searching for a diagnosis. For now I want to jump right in and record where we are in the healing process.

Calvin and I have been on full GAPS for about 2 months now.  Neither of us seemed to have any major digestive issues pre-GAPS yet I've seen various improvements that are significant enough to keep me motivated. More on this later.

Juliana has been on a diet of 2/3 formula (EleCare - the ONLY formula that she could tolerate and the ONLY food that did not cause pain) and 1/3 bone broth + coconut oil for about a month. She now has several safe foods: lamb, fish (red snapper), chicken, beef, coconut oil and fermented cod liver oil. I think it's pretty amazing considering that she reacted so violently to my breast milk, even when I was on an elimination diet.

In the next month or two I hope to move Juliana to a diet of homemade formula - something like the Weston A. Price liver-based formula. While EleCare was a godsend, I often wonder if it is inhibiting her healing. Next up: I plan to trial olive oil and hope to add it to her safe food list.

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