Monday, September 26, 2011

How GAPS found me

I have never in my life prayed so fervently as I did the second month of Juliana's life. If your baby is constantly in pain, if she screams when you feed her, if she cries in her sleep because she hurts so much, if the doctors don't have any answers for you - you WILL be driven to your knees in prayer. 

I scoured the internet for information that might help Juliana. I spent hours and hours each day reading and I really didn't find anything that helped me much. I was without a diagnosis and without much of a prognosis. Juliana had an NG tube at the time (she's had a tube since she was 2 days old due to a NICU stay) and I knew that she would never eat if we couldn't stop the pain.

Enter the POPSICLE forum, one of several forums where I was discussing GI issues. I wrote a post about getting a g tube and I made an offhand mention of Juliana's intolerance to my milk. Not too long after that I received a message from a woman who asked me a little bit more about Juliana. I answered her questions and she told me that my story sounded familiar and she threw out a diagnosis that I hadn't considered: protein intolerance

Nichole doesn't push GAPS onto anyone despite her amazing story. During our initial conversation she casually threw out the term "GAPS" and she gave me a link to her blog. I quickly read everything that she had written and I was blown away by her daughter's story. I began to read everything that I could find about protein intolerance/FPIES and about GAPS. It became clear to me very quickly: I could take a wait-and-see approach and hope that J might someday "outgrow" her food intolerance or I could take steps to heal her NOW. The choice was easy: GAPS was the solution.

I've never before had such a clear-cut answer to prayer. Several hundred people were praying for Juliana and her path to healing was given to me by a stranger on the internet, completely out of the blue. Nichole read my thread about G tubes even though feeding tubes are not a part of her life. Providential? Absolutely. (And if you know me, then you know that I do not make light of such claims).

I sometimes wonder if I would have eventually stumbled onto GAPS on my own. Perhaps I would have, though it's not something that I've ever seen mentioned in the mainstream - not on the message boards and websites that I frequent and *certainly* not in the medical community. I want to help change that, particularly for the many babies and kids out there who need GAPS. 

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